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Requirements & Announcements

Claiming for Lost & Found Items, Seized Locker Items (

Office of the Registrar
1. Per our Student’s Handbook for SY 2010-2011, lost-and-found items unclaimed “after the last day of classes in November and March shall be donated to charitable institutions...” (however, please note that items lostbefore but unclaimed as of November 15, 2010 had already been donated to such institutions through the Student Alliance.)
2. Meanwhile, items seized from lockers are also in our possession.
3. To date, we still have not donated such items surrendered after November 15, 2010 until March 31, 2011.
4. We are giving students until 4:00PM, April 18, 2011 to look through all the items and claim them.
5. Students claiming any item must fill out the Claim Form (available at the Office of the Registrar) and signed by one of his/her parents.
6. All the items will be disposed of on April 19, 2011.
7.  No more extensions shall be granted.

Card-giving Procedure (

CARD-GIVING PROCEDURE for March 31, 2011
1. The student must present his fully accomplished clearance form to the Registrar staff in-charge of distributing the report card to claim his/her report card. NO REPORT CARD WILL BE ISSUED to students with INCOMPLETE clearances/UNCLEARED items.
2. If you have accountabilities at the Office of the Registrar, you shall not be entertained on March 31, 2011. Please accomplish your accountabilities with the Registrar’s Office from May 23-27, 2011.
3. If you missed your photo session schedule without prior notice to the Registrar’s Office, you will be accommodated only on June 1, 2011 onwards. Each day of non-wearing of the ID shall be one non-compliance. (This is a reiteration of our previous announcement regarding pre-enrolment procedure.)
4. Students with substandard grades (2.75 or 3.0) must be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian for SY 2011-2012 must be accompanied when claiming the card.
5. Students who are not able to claim their report card on 31 March 2011 may do so on May 30-31, 2011, provided the clearance is fully accomplished and presented to the Registrar staff in-charge.
6. No report cards will be issued during regular enrolment, the schedule of which will be announced later.
7. The report card is a requirement for enrolment.
8. Please be guided by the above procedure.

announcements from sir nat

career plan submission deadline is extended to enrollment in june, sir promises to post the form by march 27 midnight.

deadline for extra batch shirt orders (P200) & prom video and photo coverage (P200) is on march 27 midnight.
for orders, text sir at 09209523863 or email at
claiming and payment of orders is during card giving (march 31)